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Wrangler - Sparked: Modular Remix Project Double Vinyl

Double LP $10.00

Release Date: Jun 24, 2016

Discs: 2

This release is a double gatefold vinyl and limited to only 750 copies.

Wrangler’s new remix album features 11 modular synthesizer re-workings of tracks from their 2014 debut album, LA Spark.

Featuring remixes by the likes of Mute founder & The Normal’s Daniel Miller, Chris Carter from Chris & Cosey, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Scanner, all the artists were sent the same original proposal by Wrangler at the start of the project: ‘Wrangler would like to ask you to submit an experimental piece of music for inclusion on an album entitled Modular Remix. The idea is very simple. We provide some basic stems from a track selected by you from our debut album LA Spark and you add whatever sounds you like - the only rule being that you use just one analog modular synthesiser system of your choice. We've approached you because we admire your passion and commitment to electronic music, and we hope you will be interested in taking part.’

The result is an album which flows across four sides of vinyl, from the locked down electro-dancefloor rhythm of Daniel Miller’s ‘Theme From Wrangler’, through the darker, brutalist shapes of Chris Carter’s eight minute ‘Lava Land’ opus and into schizo-synth pop (Dean Honer – I Monster, Eccentronic Research Council), abstract ambient beauty (Alessandro Cortini), dark dub (Solvent) and finally the brooding 14 minute masterpiece of Wrangler’s own remix, ‘Theme Meme’.

01 - Abul Mogard - Mus IIC

02 - Daniel Miller - Theme From Wrangler
03 - Steve Moore - Harder

04 - Scanner - LA Spark

05 - Chris Carter - Lava Land

06 - Dean Honer - Space Ace

07 - Alessandro Cortini - Modern World
08 - Benge - Peace & Love

09 - Solvent - Harder

10 - David Burraston - Mus IIC

11 – Wrangler - Theme Meme